Patch v0.9.0.003 Breakdown

Apr 17, 2014

The closed beta is fast approaching, and as we prepare, there are still a few more tests and tweaks we must perform in the alpha.You’ll find all our latest updates in this alpha patch below.

Patch Notes


  • There is now a Stash in Card Manager that will hold all your items that are not cards (note: this is still a work in progress)


  • The card preview has been re-added to Draft
  • Round numbers are now correct
  • Collection should now be sorted properly in Sealed
  • The Rewards/Rules buttons should now function properly in tournament lobbies
  • Swiss Tournaments now properly assign byes
  • Swiss Tournaments now properly pair players (no more rematches)
  • Players who received byes will now have their standings updated accordingly
  • Picking cards in the Limited Deck Builder no longer causes your collection to move down the screen
  • The last players to finish a match in a round of limited can now access their Reserves between rounds
  • All sort options now function while Drafting
  • Tournament Decks are no longer saved in your collection
  • Open queues should now always be listed first in the tournament screen
  • Pack and pick number are now properly labeled while Drafting
  • Tournaments are now correctly listed as 60 minutes per round
  • There is now an audio cue when your tournament is ready


  • New accounts are asked to choose a starter deck on first login
  • Primal Packs now have an image in the Pack Opening screen
  • The winner of the coin flip now chooses to ‘Play First’ or ‘Draw First’
  • The coin flip scene has been improved
  • You are no longer able to save more than 15 cards in your reserves
  • Tooltip text for “This troop can’t attack” no longer has an extraneous comma
  • Matchmaking in Proving Grounds will now obey the 30-minute rematch timer, preventing you from being matched to the same player twice successively
  • Using your mouse scroll wheel on cards in the graveyard no longer causes graphical errors
  • Keyword window now only appears on cards with keywords in Card Manager
  • Keyword text is now formatted properly when viewing a card through a hyperlink on another card
  • All targeting arrows should now point to the proper location
  • Tooltips now function properly in the Campaign screen
  • Champion Select button and Equipment slots no longer cover up the mail window
  • Scroll bar elements have been aligned in the store
  • Removed underscores from various text in the game
  • Primal Packs now correctly contain 2 legendary and 13 rare cards
  • Long names should no longer cause overlapping text issues on the coin flip screen
  • You can now only save up to 300 cards in a deck
  • Mulligan animation now properly accommodates getting a duplicate of a card from your first hand
  • Up and down arrows now work in chat
  • Mulligan animation is much faster
  • Drop down menus in Card Manager now close automatically when you click away from them
  • Removed Continue button from Victory screen in tournaments
  • Fixed graphical issue with replicas of replicas
  • The Mail and Friends windows should now have less overlapping/layering issues
  • You can now sort by collector’s number in the Card Manager


  • Fiendish Cabalist should now function again
  • Reginald Lancashire should now function again
  • Booby Trap should now function again
  • Blood Orb of Deception’s game text now matches how it works
  • You no longer lose the game if The Transcended’s draw replacement ability fails to find a card
  • Bottled Vitae’s payment power can no longer be used at Quick speed
  • Replicas of a Unique troop are no longer incorrectly still Unique
  • Replicas now properly retain the effects of socketed gems
  • The Kraken no longer dies when put into play via Eye of Creation
  • The Kraken now works with Replicator’s Gambit
  • You can now interrupt Countermagic without the game halting
  • The card text of Jadiim, Eye of CreationBlood Cauldron Ritualist, and Induction Coil have been fixed to reflect their redesign from last patch


  • Starter Deck icons are missing in the Stash
  • Buttons in the Wheels of Fate interface are missing text
  • Pack and Pick numbers while drafting are not correct


Aside from a few notable card fixes (Reginald works again! Huzzah!), we’re continuing to improve on tournament functionality. Swiss tournaments saw a great deal of progress this week, with byes and proper round pairings functioning a bit better. An audio cue has also been added to tournaments, signaling when your round is ready to begin.

Another notable change in this patch is the coin-flip that takes place before each match begins. The winner of the coin-flip now gets to decide whether they wish to play first or draw fist, meaning that winning the coin-flip gives you a choice on what your deck prefers to do, rather than having the decision left up to randomization.

Primal Packs now have pack opening art associated with it, and a host of other cosmetic improvements continue to be made.

Keep those bug reports coming in, HEX fans! The Closed Beta will be here soon!

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