Platinum Plunder – The Winners (Feb 10-11)

Feb 14, 2018

What a rush! You can feel the salt spray. The best captains around have pillaged and plundered and walked away with chests full of platinum! Read on to see who’s haul was biggest.

Platinum Plunder

Day 1: Preliminaries

We started on Saturday with a rowdy free-for-all! But, a few captains showed they were a step above the rest when it came to navigating the crowds. Give a warm round of applause to our Day 1 winners!

Top 8 – The Finalists


  1. 1) Claud
  2. 2) mlong
  3. 3) Squeakycookie
  4. 4) URKADAR
  5. 5) BirthingPodder
  6. 6) Steric
  7. 7) Sadystik
  8. 8) Eaglov
  9. 9) garantzygfryd*

*Though garantzygfryd didn’t place, they still sailed away with the saltiest sleeve in existence!

Salty Sam Sleeve

Day 2: Finals

After a good night’s rest, our final 8 competitors clashed again on the high-seas for as much of the 500,000 platinum prize-pool as they could carry.

What followed was another day of derring-do, suave swashing, and nautical know-how. Below are results of this fierce competition:

Top 8 Results


  1. 1) Claud – 200,000 Platinum
  2. 2) Eaglov – 100,000 Platinum
  3. 3) Squeakycookie- 50,000 Platinum
  4. 4) Sadystik – 50,000 Platinum
  5. 5) mlong- 25,000 Platinum
  6. 6) URKADAR – 25,000 Platinum
  7. 7) BirthingPodder- 25,000 Platinum
  8. 8) Steric- 25,000 Platinum

Congratulations, Claud, for being the saltiest dog in the Platinum Plunder! Let your name ring out as the terror of the seas while you figure out how you want to spend your hard-earned treasure.

Yo Ho Ho!

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