Primal Dawn – Infinite Possibilities

Mar 8, 2016

by SirHamsterlot

Hello HEXers, it’s lead developer SirHamsterlot here. Once again we are drawing close to another PVP release. One of the best parts being on the HEX team is the chance to see all the cool interactions and crazy decks the players come up with. Taking a card and trying to show its potential has always been a large part of what draws me into TCG’s. Today we have a new card from Primal Dawn that hits that sweet spot.

Here in the R&D team, we design cards with a variety of goals and appeal. One of those goals is to offer a few cards that might make you look twice; cards that give you a general sense of what they are up to but might be tricky or take a little creativity to unlock its full power. Some players will see these cards and be immediately filled with all the different possibilities held within the card and which cards to pair it with. Some might dismiss that card and later find it to be better than they expected. The excitement and creative ownership in these cards make it my favorite flavor of card in each set.

Let’s take a look at a new card from Primal Dawn that lands exactly in this space.

Infinity Engine

I based my very first Primal Dawn draft around this card. I picked it up immediately and began asking myself a few things: How do I plan on getting cards into play to use with this? How am I going to take advantage of having additional resources? Even though it didn’t work out for me in that particular draft, I love that I would still take it in future drafts to try new ways to play with it and take advantage of the extra resources. Cards like this in limited might be a longshot, but it sure is fun when it pays off.

Take a look at this card with constructed in mind and the potential possibilities really open up. I could put this in a Shin’hare deck to make all my Battle Hoppers into resources or maybe Worker Bots. I could be putting out a Walking Calamity earlier in the game or a Psionic Flames do destroy my opponent or draw more game ending cards. Maybe there is a new way to use the rarely seen One Eye Open. So many possibilities can be explored with Infinity Engine.

We love that these cards open up new avenues within Primal Dawn as well as allow players to take a look at old cards that have newfound potential. We can’t wait to see all the interesting ways players will take all the new cards and give their entire collection a second look. Good luck!


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