Primordial Knowledge – Frostheat Brews: Candlekin Control

Jun 30, 2017

With Frostheart out, it’s time to begin brewing! Let’s get right into it with a sweet deck.


One card I’m especially excited for from Frostheart is Light the Votives. The card becomes incredibly powerful in the late game and serves modal functions, either making more bodies or putting Speed damage on the board by buffing your current Candlekin. I’m also excited to pair Light the Votives with Scion of Lyvaanth. The two together surely can build an insurmountable board presence from almost nothing.

Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the two cards in a Diamond/Ruby deck. So I thought we’d make things a little interesting and throw in a huge heaping of Sapphire.

CHAMPION: Dreaming Fox

This variation of Diamond/Sapphire Control eschews some removal and the really big threats like Psychic Ascension for the midgame package of Light the Votives and Scion of Lyvaanth. Only time will tell if this is an upgrade to our win condition or a steep downgrade, but I am excited for the prospect of being able to use the deck’s ability to produce Candlekin to survive the early game and manage the midgame. Perhaps what I am most excited for this deck, and surely many others, is the ability to run what essentially amounts to eight cantrips between Arcane Focus and Guidance. The combination of these two cards not only fuels our Scion, but provides an immense amount of consistency that could let us get away with some crafty deckbuilding choices in the future. This deck as a whole operates at an incredibly low curve, topping out at Silver Talon Adjudicator and sporting nineteen one drops.

The goal of the deck is to use Candlekin and Thunderfield Seer to survive the early game while digging for as many copies of Light the Votives you can find and at least one Scion of Lyvaanth. The more you find Light the Votives, the more powerful it gets, potentially allowing you to overtake a game all on its own. We’ve opted for Lanupaw’s Sight over the new Bounty of the Magus since it has more initial power and can lead to huge value plays if it hits a Light the Votives which you can play and re-find with you other cantrips and draw. It is also important to note that Light the Votives is an especially strong win condition since it is very difficult for most decks to stop long term. Single target removal (which is immensely popular in the pre-Frostheart meta) does essentially nothing against the card. Even Herofall won’t serve to dent your threat density.

Weave into Nothing is critical to protect your Scion and Candlekin army. Since we look to overwhelm on the board, having a catch all to powerful Actions and Constants is important. It may even be correct to play Verdict of the Ancient Kings over Dingle for this same reason, but we will have to see how the meta shapes up before making that call. I’ve also yet to build a Reserve since this sort of deck will need to pack very specific answers to the meta yet to form.


Frostheart looks to be an incredible set with an immense amount of depth. I’m expecting many cards in the set to inspire new decks and elevate old decks to new heights. I’m excited to brew and I hope you are too.

Be sure to tune in to my stream tonight at 3:30 PM PST. I will be piloting today’s Primordial Brew on the Constructed Ladder. As always, there will be some combination of Primal Pack and free Draft, Sealed, and Evolving Gauntlet code giveaways.

See you on the ladder,

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Varranis is an analyst for professional gaming organization Fade 2 Karma. He has played countless TCGs over the last eighteen years and brings a unique lens to HEX theory crafting and deck building based on his historical experience. Varranis has numerous tournament wins and top finishes to his name across several popular TCGs and has coached and supported players in world championship level events.

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