Primordial Knowledge – Upheaval Control

Jul 14, 2017

With the Cosmic Crown Showdown tomorrow, everyone has been hard at work brewing with Frostheart. I’ve got one more brew for you before the floodgates really open after the tournament.


I thought Runic Upheaval was the coolest card when I first saw it. It’s an Epiphany with huge upside and the ability to garner immense amounts of value. I just had to build a Ruby/Sapphire Control deck to utilize it.

CHAMPION: Dreaming Fox

There is some variance to Runic Upheaval, but we’re packing some whoppers to hit on it. The big three are Deep Freeze, Primordial Sabretooth, and Candlelight. Candlelight becomes deal twelve damage to the dome, Sabretooth deals seven and removes a troop and attacks for five, and Deep Freeze becomes a Burn to the Ground. The best part of all of these is that the damage dealing effect from Runic Upheaval is uninterruptible – it happens whether or not the buffed card resolves. This gives this deck significant game against control decks as they cannot answer your win conditions. While these are the best-case scenarios for Runic Upheaval, even the worst cases aren’t terrible. Even when nothing lines up, it’s just slightly inferior to an Epiphany drawing two cards. Most of the time, it adds removal to your deck by buffing your actions with additional damage dealing effects – remember, you can shoot troops too with Upheaval’s ability.

Our alternate win conditions are Alchemite and the last line of text on Candlelight. Alchemite is an immensely versatile card, allowing you to trade early game, generate card advantage, or be a resilient threat that will eventually take over the game. Candlelight’s ability to give all your actions Illuminate lets you build a massive army of Candlekin to overwhelm your opponent. This is powerful on both offense and defense. Playing a Quick Action with Illuminate lets you make an emergency blocker or prepare troops to attack on the following turn.

In the Reserves, we have Runebind against decks which play interrupts and a host of different board clears to answer different decks. Scars of War is potentially main deckable and is an excellent answer to Redlings or other aggressive archetypes. Crackling Magma is great again against Redlings and also shines against Mono Ruby. Dread End is excellent against both Deathcry decks and the somewhat popular Knightsbane Ovo reanimator decks on the ladder. Nothing feels better than turning a pair of Aegilus into Dreadlings. Do be careful versus Ovo, however, as he can revert the Dreadlings using his charge power.


I’ve had a lot of fun brewing with Frostheart, and I’m looking forward to showing off even more cool brews once the Cosmic Crown Showdown is over. I won’t be streaming tonight as I’ll be practicing for the tournament, but I wish everyone luck and look forward to discussing even more decks after.

See you on the ladder,

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Varranis is an analyst for professional gaming organization Fade 2 Karma. He has played countless TCGs over the last eighteen years and brings a unique lens to HEX theory crafting and deck building based on his historical experience. Varranis has numerous tournament wins and top finishes to his name across several popular TCGs and has coached and supported players in world championship level events.

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