PTR Announcement

Jun 16, 2016

Greetings everyone,

We have good news for the curious! Starting Monday, June 20th, we are opening the test server (PTR) again. With the ladder patch just around the corner, we want your help to stress test the system and find any last minute Spiderling Eggs so we can call in the Quash Ridge Exterminators.

What’s going to be on the PTR, you ask? Well, carry on reading:

We are introducing the ladder system to HEX, including the following features:

  • Two separate ladders: Constructed and Limited
  • Special ranked queue for Constructed
  • Limited rank is calculated through Draft or Gauntlet formats
  • Rank up collecting Stars for winning
  • Earn rewards for battling your way up the ranks
  • Climb the ladder from Bronze to Platinum or even achieve the high honor of becoming Cosmic

There will be a detailed post about all the ins and outs of this brand new feature in the coming days (so in essence, soon™).

A new ladder system also means a new tournament screen of course, to make everything easily accessible. You will notice that a few tournament formats are missing – that’s intentional, as we’re cleaning up the current formats. Make sure to read about it here.

We are also making changes to the Pass Priority button. This is aimed at ensuring clarity while in a match and improving the player experience.

Finally there is a new main menu screen. We may only add this at a later date, but already wanted to give you a heads-up.

Interested in a sneak peek? Join us on the PTR!

You can download the client here.

(Your account remains the same from the live server.)