Questmas 2018

Jun 20, 2018

Questmas, Entrath’s foxy festival for fun-loving friends fast approaches!

Quest, the Primal of fun, is at it again, bringing elaborately thought-out games and playful puzzles to all of Entrath. This time he is reminding everyone of the beloved childhood classic: “Llama, Llama, Emu.” So stretch those limbs and sit down in a circle. Things are about to get hairy.

Questmas Logo

During this time of (even more) fun and games, Quest will reward you with the Llama, Llama, Emu Sleeve for making merry with your fellow Entrathians. (Starting this Friday, simply log in and you will automatically receive the sleeve!)

Llama, Llama, Emu Sleeve

Those of you following the ancient tradition of playing with or against each other in (more or less) friendly duels will receive the Runic Riddles AA card.

Runic Riddles AA
Playing in dungeons across Entrath can reward players with the Llama, Llama, Emu card and its equipment pieces, the Emu Taggers and Threemu. Enjoy a quick-paced back and forth against the AI, but don’t get stuck as the Emu! To earn these rewards, champions must defeat any dungeon during the Questmas holiday:

Llama, Llama, Emu

Click me!

So how do you get your Quest(mas) rewards?

Sleeve: The first time a player logs in during this holiday, they will receive the Llama, Llama, Emu Questmas 2018 sleeve.

Alternate Art Card: All paid entry tournaments in the “Standard Tab” will have a participation prize of an AA Runic Riddles card. Basically, enter an Evo, Sealed, or Draft tournament to get the card.

Players that win a Standard Constructed ladder match will also have a 25% chance of earning the AA Runic Riddles card.

PvE Card and Equipment: Players can earn PvE items by playing in the Campaign dungeons. There is one card and two equipment items to earn. By defeating any dungeon you will earn one of the three items at random. Each of them has a percent chance to drop: 15% on the Rare Equipment, 25% on the Uncommon Equipment, and 60% on the Card.


  • Llama, Llama, Emu


  • Emu Taggers (Rare)
  • Threemu (Uncommon)

Join the fun this Friday! Questmas will run from June 22nd at 10 AM PT until July 6th at 9:59am PT. Grab a game during this two week period to earn these utterly delightful rewards and make merry with your fellow Entrathians!

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