Revealing Primal Dawn

Mar 2, 2016

Next set officially titled “Primal Dawn”!

There you have it! The title of our next set is “Primal Dawn”! Each set tells a progressive story about the world of Entrath. Primal Dawn will feature over 300 new cards and enhance several styles of gameplay. There will be a boost to several dual shard combinations along with a new keyword called Empower (more on that to come) and 6 new champions! We’re also happy to unveil the new logo for Primal Dawn.


And what is an announcement of a new set without some spoilers?!

Primal-Dawn Psionic-Flame

Stingshot-Sniper Necropolis-Blackguard

And, as an added bonus, a message from Cory!

Hey HEXers! We’re really excited for Primal Dawn because this next set opens a new chapter for the gameplay, characters, places, and lore of Entrath. We’ve been working hard bringing you as many awesome new features as possible and we feel that we’re getting into a very nice groove. Our designers, engineers, and artists are some of the most talented individuals that I have the pleasure of working alongside with. Primal Dawn has shaped up to be an amazing new set that you’re really going to enjoy. Along with growing our Campaign content, 2016 is shaping up to be an outstanding year to play HEX.

We at HEX also can’t stress this enough, but we are lucky to have such an amazing and supportive community. It is because of the community and the game that everyone who works on HEX, both here in our office and abroad, are so passionate and determined to make HEX the best digital trading card game.

I’m sure you’re wondering when we’re going to launch this awesome new set. All the design and engineering has been ready for a while and we’ve been waiting on art and other bug fixes. I am extremely excited to say that we’re targeting the launch of Primal Dawn towards early April!

And, don’t forget, Primal Dawn will be playable at the HEX Invitational Tournament Finals! We invite anyone who will be with us on-site for our $100k tournament finals to join us and experience Primal Dawn before it launches. We hope you come join us! If you’re unable to make it in person, we want you all to tune in to our Twitch Channel ( on March 5th and 6th. Spread the word and invite your family and friends to come watch and play HEX!

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