Rolling Hotfix Patch Notes (v1.0.6.054)

Jul 14, 2017

We have a live patch for you today, which means no downtime! You just need to re-log and patch the client. Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates.

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a connection error that would cause players to be unable to interact with chat, enter draft queues, or connect to games properly
  • Added animation for the sleeves and cards of Uruunaz AA, Frostlock AA, and Matriarch of Flames AA
  • Into the Unknown AA is now in game, but will be animated in a future patch
  • Removed cogs and smoke from stardust UI
  • Challenge and Exit Arena buttons have swapped locations
  • Restore Defaults correctly assigns a stop for Opponent’s Combat Phase
  • Entrath is alive with the sound of cards again
  • Added a Contact Support button to the help options in settings
  • Rewards screen no longer has a layering issue for the header

This patch is live now. Please restart your client at your earliest convenience. The following changes will be rolled out over the next few hours:

  • Horrors of War can now resolve properly if X is greater than the number of cards to discard or destroy
  • Copies of Candlelight on the chain now Illuminate correctly
  • Helm of Capitulation no longer incorrectly drops from Wheels of Fate spins, and instead Tarot Handlers now correctly drops in its place
  • AI no longer incorrectly locks up when Thunderpuff has no valid targets

We will be back granting Tarot Handlers to anyone who previously rolled a Helm of Capitulation from the Wheels of Fate.

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