Rolling Hotfix Patch Notes (v1.0.6.047)

Jul 7, 2017

We have a live patch for you today, which means no downtime! You just need to re-log and patch the client. Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates.

Patch Notes

  • Spellsong Sweeities  and Party Fungi no longer incorrectly trigger off cards in your hand that transform
  • Blood Infusion Device no longer incorrectly gains 3 extra health
  • Skydancer now correctly only triggers while in play
  • Spellsong Sweeties, Blood Infusion Device, and Skydancer have now been unbanned for constructed play
  • Pack Frenzy no longer incorrectly grants the gem power indefinitely
  • Paragon of Insanity’s charge power now correctly costs 1 charge
  • Phantasmal Grips equipment for Spectral Acorn now works correctly
  • Eurig the Robomancer champion in the Frost Ring Arena can no longer get stuck in a loop
  • Artisinal Cheesesmyth in the Frost Ring Arena can no longer get stuck in a loop
  • Alternate art Soul Marble now correctly transforms
  • Blightbark Paladin’s deathcry ability now resolves correctly when it dies and control is gained by opposing players
  • Major Ruby Gem of Twinstrike is no longer doubled when copied
  • Twilight Eclipse now correctly reads: “Lifedrain. At the start of your turn, this deals 1 damage to each opposing champion for each constant you control.”
  • Fixed a spelling error on the name for Belligerent Badger
  • The mouse wheel now works correctly with text boxes of cards that have gained a scroll bar
  • Tournament shields now correctly display on Mac
  • Gems now appear correctly on socketed cards

Please note that some of the patched cards will appear blank until players relog and patch:

  • Splinter of Xinlurgash
  • Twilight Eclipse
  • Party Fungi
  • Spellsong Sweeties
  • Blood Infusion Device
  • Belligerent Badger

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