Rolling Hotfix Patch Notes (v1.0.6.067)

Jul 28, 2017

We have a live patch for you today! There will be no server downtime, but tournaments will be locked for 1 hour. Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates.

Patch Notes

  • Zoomed-out images of cards now properly visually update when modified
  • All confirm and cancel buttons across the game are now aligned to match one unified rule: “Confirm on the right, cancel on the left.”
  • Images for Equipment Details View in inventory stash now update upon selection
  • Search filter for Frostheart now displays correctly when listing auctions
  • Tool tips for rarity and set now appear correctly
  • Deathcries now trigger properly from Gladiator modifications that result in fatal damage
  • Brown Fox Scout is no longer visible from the top of your deck if transformed
  • Equipped Blades of Bone can now be played if opponent controls no troops
  • Zoltog’s mercenary party passive now works correctly
  • “Choose: Gain a Charge” now displays art when playing Lixil’s Bauble or Primal Prism

Note that our tournament servers will need to be locked for 1 hour starting 8am PT. Campaign, Frost Ring Arena, and your Collection Manager will all function normally at this time.

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