Ruby Gems

“The raiders I command bring me what I want. And today, I want all that the sun’s light can touch.”

– Zoltog, an orc ranger

RubySymbolRuby gems contain pure destructive power. A Ruby gem in the hands of a veteran soldier or master spellcaster can cause a frightening amount of devastation. Many humans that use ruby gems believe the best defense is a good offense, while the orcs use rubies to fuel their ferocious religious fanaticism. The dwarves liberally install ruby gems into their machines and bots to increase their catastrophic capabilities.

Ruby is the gem of fire, rage, and aggression. Ruby troops attack and kill the opposing champion as fast as possible, following up the onslaught with a plethora of actions to finish off the opponent with direct damage. When you want something dead yesterday, you’ll want to get your hands on some Ruby gems.


Zakiir-215 Ruby-Pyromancer-215 Ragefire-215

Construct-Foreman-215 Crackling-Bolt-215 Fierce-Warlord-215