Scars of War Champion Update

May 9, 2017

Hey all, Corey Burkhart here with the latest champion update! When we launched Scars of War, we made some adjustments to the Herofall champions to balance the limited environment. These changes were well received, but they occurred too late to improve the Herofall-Herofall-Herofall limited scene. This time we’re trying out another round of changes midseason to adjust the current limited format.

We are taking action because the shear amount of data we’re able to get from Draft Gauntlets, Evolving Sealed Gauntlets, Sealed Gauntlets, and the HEX Clash tournaments suggests some of the current Herofall and Scars of Wars champions may fall outside our desired ranges. We’re going to address this in the updates today. We want to correct for some champions being overplayed and earning disproportionately high win rates by bringing them in line with their neighboring champions.

The changes –

Ada the Apparitionist has been the boogeyman of the Herofall and Scars of War limited format. In every version of limited, she’s the highest played and highest win-rate champion. The power boost she received when we dropped her third Diamond threshold requirement combined with new synergies from Mobilize and Assault made this champion a truly potent choice for Diamond players. So much so that we need to tone her down. We still want people to play Ada as she brings with her many enticing combos and great deckbuilding moments, but she shouldn’t be the only choice if you are in Diamond. Moving her up another charge will help mitigate the number of games she snowballs out of control or allows a player to catch up, as it’s much more difficult to get the 6th charge on turn 6 than it is the 5th charge on turn 5. Again, we’re happy with the work Ada does in terms of synergies and play patterns in the chapter, but she’s currently doing it too well. Increasing her charge cost by 1 from 5 charges to 6 should leave her a powerful—but not quite so overwhelming—choice.

Marshal Josephina was meant to be an aggressively focused Ardent/Assault champion. The power to lock a troop out of combat for a full turn cycle (Not being able to attack or block until the start of Josephina’s next turn) is a potent power when combined with the synergies in Herofall. However, her health total makes her just a tad too versatile. Marshal Josephina’s power, while potent on offense as intended, serves just as effective a job at neutralizing incoming threats on the other side of the table. By locking troops down, she becomes a giant tank that can soak up loads of damage and survive many more turns than intended. Frequently, her health total, combined with a defensive use of her charge power, creates games which play out as though Josephina had 30 or more health. This removed a large amount of the pressure that aggressive decks in the format could place on Marshal Josephina, and made her just a little too good at both offense and defense. As such, we need to bring her more in line with other champions in the chapter. To do so, Marshall Josephina’s health has been reduced by 3, from 25 to 22.

Therroz was meant to be a combo enabling champion for the Underworld forces. He has been successful in that regard, but his combos are a little too fast and a little too consistent. Therroz can enable kills as early as turn 4 at a rate that is just a little too high when combined with the Dreadling support that the Underworld offers. We want Therroz to be a feared force of the Underworld, but we want his payoff to be something you have to build for. Right now, he is often the default choice for anyone going Dreadlings, regardless of how many Underworld troops they have. We want Therroz’s strength to come from his passive power which requires a player to play with more Underworld troops. By moving his charge cost up, we put more pressure on Therroz’s passive power to generate charges based on faction. Therefore, to reduce the number of turn 4 combo games and increase champion diversity, Therroz’s charge cost has been increased by 2 from 6 charges to 8 charges.

We believe these changes will breathe even more excitement into Draft and Sealed tournaments. We want your champion choice to be a strong, strategic moment for players, and are confident these changes will broaden the diversity of champions seeing play.

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