Shamrock Collector’s Deck Available Now!

May 16, 2018

We are excited to introduce the Shamrock Collector’s Deck to the in-game store! Available now, this deck is a golden opportunity to crush your opponents:

Shamrock Collector Box

This deck comes with two unique Alternate Arts, an animated sleeve, and a brand new AAA (Animated Alternate Art) card! Bling out Leprechaun style with this exciting deck:

Alluring Alemaid AALeprechaun Artist AAShamrock, The Goldfather AA

The Shamrock Collector’s Deck is available in-store for 2,000 platinum. Pick up your copy today!

A full decklist can be found here:

Iremaw is socketed with Minor Minor Wild Prism of Toxin
Brighthammer Adept is socketed with Minor Wild Orb of Festivity

Champion: Limerick the Lewd


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