Siege Currency Update

May 23, 2018

Greetings Hexers! We have been watching players engage with our new currency systems since they were released last week. One of the challenges we’ve faced with designing rewards for Siege in particular is the need to strike a balance between incentives to make a good defense, rewards for attacking, and the earning rate of Siege Sacks. We have been monitoring how players have been engaging with our current system and have made the following changes:

  • Siege Sacks will no longer be calculated based on number of wins
  • Instead, Sacks will be calculated based on the amount of currency in your defense
    • For every 1000 gold, you’ll earn 1 Siege Sack
    • For every 5 Platinum, you’ll earn 1 Siege Sack
  • The passive Siege Sack gain has doubled. Players will now earn 2 Sacks per hour that their Siege is active

This new Sack gain method will both encourage sound defenses and prevent an issue with the previous system where players who wanted Sacks had to either wait to challenge a new defense or lose against it. Now, all defenses will have Sacks based on their currency, even freshly-made ones. Furthermore, defenses that haven’t seen a lot of love will become more attractive quicker, thereby encouraging more players to branch out and attack these keeps.

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These changes will occur today (5/23). There will be no downtime, but Siege and Campaign will be locked in preparation for the patch at 4pm PT (Local Time). The patch is scheduled for 5pm PT (Local Time). If you are online during this period, you may need to relog to see the updated currency totals.

Here’s the schedule in short-form:

  • 5/23 at 4:00 PM PT – Siege and Campaign closed
  • 5/23 at 5:00 PM PT – Patch applied (no downtime)

See you in the Battlegrounds,

The HEX Team

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