Siege Mode Update – Patch Notes

Feb 22, 2018

We are applying a quick patch to address a few ongoing issues and bring our all-new Siege mode into the game! Here are patch notes for this latest round of updates. 

Patch Notes

Siege Mode Patch 2/22/18

Siege Mode is Now Available!     

  • Siege Defense
    • Create three unique decks using PvE and PvP cards and equipment for your defense
    • Set personalities for the AI to aid them in piloting your Siege defense
    • Increase your bounty and collect your fee as others fail to defeat your defense
    • Play against AI manned decks of your design using practice within the Siege deckbuilder
    • Watch replays of attack attempts on your defense
  • Siege Attack
    • Engage enemy Sieges using Standard PvP decks
    • Defeat them to earn their Bounty
    • Play against HEX Employee made Siege Defenses


  • Various upgrades to the AI have been made
  • Scrounge abilities correctly void cards as part of the payment before resolving
  • One-Shot Deathcry abilities are no longer incorrectly seen as still having Deathcry while in the crypt by cards like Plague and Famine and Lady Violet Blightbark
  • Underworld Reinforcements correctly plays Underworld troops from the top of your deck
  • Brighthammer Barbute correctly modifies Brighthammer Adept granting Candlekin that enter play socketed powers and Momentum
  • Twilight Scout Gloves correctly modifies Twilight Scout
  • Skylance Captain’s Breastplate equipment is correctly assigned to the Chest slot
  • Life From Death’s equipment now reads: “Your Life From Deaths have, ‘Void a random troop in your crypt → Each opposing champion loses 1 health.”
  • Default deck sleeves can now correctly be set
  • Various typos for PvE cards and equipment have been corrected
  • Kismet Vampire packs display the correct contents and appears in the correct tab in the store
  • Campaign encounter for Armies of Myth now displays all challenge modes in all resolutions

PVE Card and Equipment Changes

  • Phenteo’s Gift’s cost changed from 1 to 2
  • Terror Tined Tunic puts Phenteo’s Gift into your deck instead of into your hand
  • Nazhk Lookout now triggers on non-resource cards as opposed to any card
  • Scout’s Brooch equipment for Nazhk Lookout grants a 10 percent chance to summon a Spiderling instead of a 10 percent chance to summon a random Vennen
  • Captain’s Parrot’s cost changed from 2 to 3
  • Spiraling End triggers at the start of the turn instead of the end of the turn
  • Cerebral Jack-hat adds 2 energy counters instead of 3
  • The Ruin of Ripplewood puts each card with cost X into their controller’s hand instead of cost X or less
  • Contract Killing destroys the targeted troop instead of voiding it
  • Fever Bloom’s equipment “Daisy Chain” changed to: Deploy- Put a Dementia Daisies into your hand
  • Spirit of Retribution’s equipment “Spectral Ambush Boots” has an added requirement of a single [DIAMOND] threshold to trigger the “When an opposing troop attacks” power
  • Form Ranks now reads “Troops you control that share a class with you now get +2 [ATK] / +2 [DEF] instead of +1 [ATK] / +1 [DEF] .”
  • Form Ranks equipment “Steel Treads” now gives the +2 [ATK] / +2 [DEF] bonus to anything that shares a trait with you instead of just class. (Both class and race count.)
  • Containment Sphere’s activation power cost reduced from 6 to 3
  • Hellshot Catapult’s cost reduced from 5 to 3
  • Phoenix Guard Harrier’s cost reduced from 6 to 4
  • Dream Bear’s stats changed to 6 [ATK] / 6 [DEF] and improved deploy power to: “Deploy- Gain 6 health.”
  • Dream Skarn’s stats increased to 5 [ATK] / 3 [DEF]
  • Dream Turtle’s stats increased to 3 [ATK] / 4 [DEF]
  • Dream Spider’s design changed. New power: “When this deals damage to an opposing champion, bury cards from the top of each opposing champion’s deck until you bury a troop.” Still remains a 2 [ATK] / 2 [DEF] with Unblockable
  • Dream Spider’s equipment “Chitinous Gloves” now trigger whenever a Spider you control deals damage
  • Dream Spider’s equipment “Dream Galoshes” will allow you to trigger this new power if you discard the Dream Spider
  • Gnome Wayfarer’s activation power cost reduced from 2 to 1
  • Ghost Sentinel’s cost reduced from 6 to 5 and stats changed to 4 [ATK] / 5 [DEF]
  • Arcanograft Technician’s cost reduced from 7 to 6 and removed its resource cost from its activation power
  • Walking Hive’s cost reduced from 6 to 5
  • Graveblade Skirmisher’s stats changed to 2 [ATK] / 1 [DEF] and has been granted Rage 1 and Swiftstrike
  • Emberbrute gains Speed if deploy condition is met
  • Thornsprout’s stats changed to 4 [ATK] / 2 [DEF]
  • Dark Descent’s cost reduced from 9 to 7
  • Soul of Raqqar’s cost reduction power triggers while this card is either in your hand or in your deck
  • Soul of Raqqar’s base cost has increased from 9 to 10
  • Defiler of the Fallen’s cost reduced from 4 to 3
  • Gareth Kay’s Stats changed to 3 [ATK] / 3 [DEF]
  • Moqui’s cost reduced from 5 to 4
  • Nerissa’s power now triggers when this card attacks, instead of when dealing damage
  • Glendower’s stats changed to 2 [ATK] / 2 [DEF]


  • Void animation now correctly plays over the void instead of off screen
  • Cards now display counters correctly
  • Cards with X cost can now be played for X=0
  • During the draft the highlight of selected cards is now more prominent
  • The right stick can be used to scroll through text of cards with extended text boxes
  • Settings can now be accessed within a match

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