Socketed Cards

A Gem is not a card, but rather something that you socket onto special “socketing” cards.

Gem Socketing is something that you manage while building your deck, and it will change the way your cards play out during the game. Each gem offers a unique power, so Gem Socketing adds a completely different layer of fun, discovery, and creativity to the game.

By matching gems with different cards to create various effects, you can further customize your decks in ways that have never been done in any TCG before.

Gem Socketing allows you to customize your cards, allowing even more creative ownership over the deck-building process. There are 10 Minor Gems (two for each of the 5 shards), and 10 Major Gems (again, two for each shard), for a total of 20 gems. Some troops have the ability to socket any Minor Gem, while others have the ability to socket any Major Gem (as well as any Minor Gem).

Each gem will enhance the card it is socketed onto in some way, provided that you control at least one of the shard thresholds that is associated with that gem. If you don’t have that threshold, you can still play your card as normal, but that power won’t activate until you obtain the necessary threshold.

The real fun of the gems is finding one that’s going to combine with a particular Socketable troop in a way that fits your goals. Many of the gems open up cool interactions that might not be obvious at first glance.

Socketing is a great use of the digital space that traditional card games cannot explore. Sockets and gems create a game play experience that is new, unique, customizable, and allows you to take more control over your game play experience than ever before. We really wanted to give players a chance to make their own cards and feel a new level of ownership of the cards and decks that they create and experiment with. Now players get to try their hand at designing cards that they want to play.