Steam Powered

Apr 14, 2016

Hi HEXers. We’re launching on Steam Tuesday, April 19th. This isn’t a feature launch, but it is a big step towards continuing to build HEX into a huge success.

What Does Steam Mean For Me?

2016-04-14_Steam-Announcement-GraphicIf you’re already playing HEX, this doesn’t really change much about the way you play. What it does is provide the game a platform where your fellow gamers can find HEX and join us. It’s all about growing and showing more people how awesome a truly digital trading card game can be. That’s more opponents, more players in the auction house, more players signing up for tournaments.

The intention internally was always for HEX to be on Steam at some point, and the right time is now. We’re happy with the growth we’ve seen, especially in the past few months. The efforts we’ve made with the game—redesigned UI, new tutorial as two examples—have set us up for this leap. With a game like HEX, it’s crucial to always be introducing new players to the game. Initiatives such as Steam launch are crucial for the life of HEX, crucial for the life of any game that’s free to download and play. We are excited to welcome all these new players and hope you are as well.

Community Feedback

Thanks to the efforts of our devoted players, we were able to collect a great deal of suggestions on our approach to Steam. You can read the forum post, but the general points you as a community suggested and we then implemented are:

  1. We removed the MMO title. First impressions are important and we agree that Steam users should go into HEX expecting, first and foremost, a trading card game.
  2. We improved a great deal of the language and descriptions of the game on Steam
  3. We are producing a video with Cory welcoming the Steam community to our community which you will see sometime in the near future

What Can I Do to Help?

On April 19th, take a few minutes and review HEX on Steam. Before our launch date, click the image below and you can interact with other HEX fans on the HEX Community page. Some of our amazing community members have already written guides to specific parts of the game which you can check out. You can even contribute your own guides after Tuesday launch.


Vote up the ones you like so new players can see them, and interact with other HEX fans in the discussion area. Everything helps!

Thanks again for all your support, and we’re happy to have you as our community as we move into this next great stage for HEX!