Factions ArdentThe Ardent is the name of the alliance formed by the major surface races of Entrath. The Ardent alliance is comprised of the humans, elves, coyotle, and orcs.

Three hundred years ago, the vast and sudden Underworld Incursion erupted. It was immediately apparent to the humans that if they did not receive some kind of help, their kingdom of Carloth would be overrun and their people enslaved. The humans sought an alliance with the most powerful of the surface races, the elves, who reluctantly agreed to set aside their usual isolationism once they recognized the severity of the Underworld threat.

The humans always had an amenable relationship with the mysterious coyotle, who also joined the coalition. The Underworld Incursion was so fierce and devastating, even the fanatical orcs agreed to join the Ardent alliance.

The idea to name the alliance the “Ardent” was suggested by Singing Cloud, a coyotle medicine man. Ardent is the name of the brightest star in the summer sky and the third brightest object in the heavens (after the moon and Hex). The star’s fierce and eternal glow, it was thought, would inspire the Ardent forces, no matter how dark the years of war would become.


Factions UnderworldThe Underworld is the name of the alliance formed by the major subterranean races of Entrath. The Underworld is comprised of the necrotic, dwarves, shin’hare, and vennen.

It is unlikely that the hostile and destructive creatures that live below the surface of the world would have ever joined into a single force without a single defining event: the arrival of Hex. The Hexing Gems were scattered throughout the world, and the first necrotic were awakened.

The necrotic are infused with an alien intelligence that gives them tremendous powers of persuasion. They managed to forge mutually beneficial relationships with hostile races that had no sense of what an ally was. The cruel vennen, the destructive dwarves, and the hyper-aggressive shin’hare all agreed to align with the necrotic.

Three hundred years ago, the necrotic officially formed the Underworld alliance, and soon after, the Underworld Incursion was launched. Though the conflict now stands at a stalemate, ongoing altercations with their Ardent enemies constantly threaten to once again erupt into a full global war.