GargoyleSome of the most skilled spies and assassins in Entrath are often mistaken for building decorations.

Gargoyles are intelligent, winged creatures made of stone. Many of them are involved in all matter of espionage, expertly blending into almost any urban or natural environment.

When not hiding in plain sight, gargoyles are expert shadow lurkers, silently lifting sensitive documents from a noble’s treasury, or slipping a tranquilizer into a general’s ale mug the night before a big battle, or any other treachery they have been surreptitiously paid to perform.

Some gargoyles are lone operators, while others work under the command of The Ashen, the most multifarious independent spy agency in Entrath. The Ashen can be hired for any number of services that require patience and subterfuge.

It is rumored that The Ashen is headed by a mysterious figure known only as Mortar, who gives his orders through a labyrinthine network of operatives so complex that none of them know who they are actually getting their instructions from. Some believe that Mortar is centuries old and was the first gargoyle to have gained sentience, while others believe he is actually a demon from the Void.

Non-gargoyles who have skill in clandestine enterprises and can wear darkness and silence like a cloak are occasionally allowed to join The Ashen.