GnomeUgh, all this fighting and war and death and blood. What a mess.

The gnomes want nothing to do with all that bother. These short, portly humanoids are a pacifist race with no interest in global politics or combat. They do not use magic or Hexing Gems, but may study them for academic purposes.

Though they are not an official member of the Ardent alliance, the gnomes have been a perennial ally of the humans. Their settlements are typically built in isolated, easily defensible locations on the outskirts of Carloth. Gnomes have been given protection by human kings for centuries in exchange for their invaluable knowledge of the topography of the surface world, as well as the subterranean depths below.

A group of gnomes known as the Cartographers have made it their sworn mission to map out every inch of Entrath. In the tiny enclave of Atlas Bluff, the gnomes have established the most renowned institute of topographical study in the world. They have constructed a massive spherical working model of Entrath, where they use sturdy quills made of roostasaur feathers to carefully etch the details of new terrain as it is discovered.

The gnome Cartographers will often hire adventurers to delve into the most perilous locations where there are blank spaces on their globe, so that they may return with crucial cartographical information that can then be added to the ever-changing spherical model.