MinotaurMost minotaurs make their living as smugglers and mercenaries, willing to sell their services to anyone who can pay.

They have no interest in subtlety or stealth. Break down a door, chop someone’s head off, get paid. It’s a straightforward system that works. And leaves plenty of free time that can be devoted to drinking.

One of the most famous mercenary companies in Entrath is the Hired Horns, run by minotaurs. They provide a wide range of services beyond head-chopping, which include body-guarding, debt collection, and bounty hunting. Any job that requires straight-up muscle can usually be fulfilled by the Hired Horns. Though they are primarily a minotaur organization, the Hired Horns do allow members of other races to join their ranks, as long as they have an affinity for jobs that often require thuggish behavior.

Minotaurs often choose a life of piracy, and the crews of rogue schooners are littered with bull-men looking for riches purloined from merchant vessels.