“All that walk, crawl, fly, limp, and run exist solely to serve as chattel for the shin’hare; even if they do not realize it yet.”

– Ito, the shin’hare Exalted Emperor

Shinhare1The shin’hare are a hyper-aggressive race of rabbits that is primarily motivated by an insatiable desire to conquer and oppress. Their society is rigidly feudalistic and has clearly defined class roles that are determined at birth. From the first moment it appears in a birthing cavern, a shin’hare’s function is established. For a great majority of shin’hare, that societal function is to serve as cannon fodder in their culture’s unending craving for subjugation.

The shin’hare place no value in any individual life. Because they can reproduce at a breathtaking rate, an important aspect of their combat tactics involves overwhelming their foes with sheer numbers. In any battle, masses of shin’hare are likely to be slaughtered, but they can always breed more.

Though physically frail and small, shin’hare compensate with well-trained agility, tenacious ferocity, and sheer numbers. A single shin’hare samurai is a surprisingly formidable warrior, and an enemy would make a grievous mistake to underestimate one, let alone an entire regiment of them.

All shin’hare are bred to serve a specific purpose, without deviation or expectation to be anything other than their assigned role. The vast majority of shin’hare are bred to be peasants and shock troops. The lives of the peasant class are considered to have no value, even to themselves. They know their existence is going to be brief, wicked, and end in violence, so they are taught to take as many enemies with them into death as they can.

shinhare2Shin’hare clerics and rangers typically serve as field generals, directing the hordes of peasant shock troops in battle. The samurai swords of shin’hare warriors must be forged in blood. Shin’hare peasants are bred exclusively to be sacrificed in horrific rituals that use Blood Magic to temper the katanas of the samurai. Those elite samurai that achieve exceptional glory in battle are amongst the most esteemed members of shin’hare society and are often rewarded with a harem of females that have been specifically bred to serve at their pleasure. A few elite warriors are selected as studs for the Concubunnies, which is considered to be a glorious honor.

A shin’hare that manages to die of old age (an extraordinarily rare occurrence) will live no longer than 40 years. An Exalted Emperor, however, can live for a century or more, and the current one, Emperor Ito, has remained alive for close to 150 years. A cabal of shin’hare warlocks is assigned to keep the Exalted Emperor breathing for as long as they can by using twisted Wild and Blood Magic rituals to unnaturally extend his life. These ceremonies often cause physical mutations in the Emperor, such as causing him to grow to an absurd height or sprouting extra limbs, ears, and mouths.

Once they discovered the existence of the relatively peaceful coyotle, the shin’hare launched countless raids on the Howling Plains. The shin’hare were desperate to enslave the coyotle and learn their secrets about how to control weather. Though the coyotle were able to fend off most of the shin’hare attacks, there were heavy casualties on both sides.

The never-ending shin’hare assault on the coyotle, along with their renewed aggression on the outskirts of the Feralroot Woods, prompted the elves to act once again. One thousand years ago, the elves joined with the humans to drive the shin’hare underground once and for all.

Exiled once again, the shin’hare did what they always do: adapt and thrive. They managed to forge a key alliance with the vennen, who taught them the mysteries of Blood Magic. Also, once they established their domain beneath the surface, the shin’hare finally discovered a race they could successfully enslave: the shroomkin, a passive race of walking mushrooms.

Three hundred years ago, the necrotic approached the shin’hare with an offer of alliance. Once the shin’hare understood that this meant a chance to assault the surface world that rejected them, they eagerly accepted. The shin’hare joined the Underworld alliance, and were enthusiastic participants in the Underworld Incursion.