Tournament Integrity – Bash 4/7/18

Apr 10, 2018

Greetings Hexers. Today we would like to talk about the Bash this past Saturday (4/7/18). As some of you are aware, we had a bug with the Major Diamond of Battalion this weekend which allowed for an unintended interaction when socketed into certain kinds of actions. This interaction gave extra buffs on troops which was not intended and gave a players running these kinds of actions an advantage. We hold the competitive integrity of our tournaments very highly, and ultimately ended up dropping HellCrescent who placed in the top 8 of the Bash with such a deck. Today we would like to share our reasoning for this decision and shed light on our tournament policies regarding bugs.

Though we do our utmost to prevent them, in a project as large as HEX, there will occasionally be bugs. A small percentage of those bugs will sometimes impact your opponent or provide an undue advantage to yourself. We call those exploits as they bypass how our game is intended to be played. Typically, cards with possible exploits are temporarily banned until they can be fixed. However, as much as it pains us, in rare cases they can be missed.

To be crystal clear on our policy, we hold the integrity of our tournaments to be one of our highest priorities. Within our Terms and Conditions we stipulate that any use of bugs or exploits, documented or not, to gain advantage within the game is subject to disciplinary action (Section C subsection 5c). This clause is in there to protect all our tournament attendees as well as the in-game economy. That said, there were a few circumstances which made this case unique.

While some people at the office were aware of the Major Diamond of Battalion issue, it was not escalated through the proper internal channels, and so a few critical things happened. First, a fix was not included in our update patch. Second, the issue was not included on our list of Known Issues. This was an embarrassing lapse in our process, and we have since taken steps to address similar scenarios moving forward.

This created the unfortunate scenario where both HellCrescent and key members of our team became aware of this exploit during the course of the weekend tournament. We launched an investigation and, once we established that his deck was in violation, we asked HellCrescent to please drop from the tournament, which he graciously did.

We have since patched the bug in question, but we wanted to take this moment to apologize to those involved in this incident. We will always act to preserve tournament integrity, but we also recognize that errors on our end can cause problems even for those acting in good faith. We will improve, and we thank you for enjoying HEX.


The HEX Team

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