Tournament Policy on Prize Splits Bribery and Collusion

These policies are applicable to all tournaments that happen within the HEX game client. Policies for “live” tournaments conducted by HEX Entertainment may differ and will be explained in the specific tournament policies attached to the live tournament.

Splitting Prizes

A prize split is the negotiation for the match result and the distribution of prizes that both players would receive at the end of the tournament. Players may not convert prizes into currency equivalents or use other methods to value prize equity in order to split a prize. A split negotiation may not include incentives outside of the prizes the two players will receive at the end of the tournament.

Players may offer and accept discussion of splits only in the final round of the tournament defined as follows:

  • For tournaments with no playoff single elimination rounds, it is the last round in the tournament.
  • For tournament with playoff single elimination rounds, it is the finals of the tournament.


Players should be aware that nothing in-game supports facilitation of splits and that HEX Entertainment will not enforce, assist with, or reverse prize splitting in any way. We will however investigate accusations of misconduct under scamming rules in our Terms of Service.

Splits are optional and at the discretion of both players. Harassment for refusing to split should be reported to HEX Entertainment for investigation under Terms of Service violations.

Gauntlet tournaments

You may split prizes for the current round of your gauntlet run if one or more players will earn prizes for the completion of that round. The “split” is only enacted for that single round.


  • During the finals of a VIP tournament, the two remaining players may decide to split the packs and AAs from the tournament equitably.
  • A player is 4-0 in a Gauntlet Sealed. And a player is 2-0 in Gauntlet sealed. The 4-0 player wants to split. The 2-0 player could concede to a 4-0 player and the 4-0 player earns 2 packs for this victory. Thus, they give 1 pack to the 2-0 player who is now 2-1 in their gauntlet still playing for more prizes.
  • Two players are 1-0 in draft gauntlet. No prizes are awarded to a player at the conclusion of their second draft round. Therefore, these two players may not split as there no prizes to be awarded during their current rounds.


Bribery includes but is not limited to offering your opponent incentives for a concession. Except as outlined in the Splitting Prizes section, any discussion for incentives in exchange for a concession, explicit or implied is bribery and is against the rules of the game.


  • Offering your opponent a sleeve code to concede a match is bribery.
  • Offering 50% of your future Top 8 prizes in exchange for a concession that would place you into the top 8 is bribery.
  • Determining the monetary value of a prize such as “flight and hotel to an event” and agreeing to pay your opponent monetary amount in exchange for the prize violates the rules for Prize Splitting and is therefore Bribery.

Players should report instances of bribery to Hex Entertainment along with information about the incident and any screenshots or video that could aid in the investigation. Players who accept the offered bribe without reporting it will also fall under the same sanctions as the player who offered the bribe.

HEX Entertainment will investigate accusations of bribery. Sanctions for bribery fall under the discretion of HEX Entertainment and generally include but is not limited to removal of tournament prizes and account suspensions.


Collusion includes, but is not limited to at HEX Entertainments sole discretion any action that goes against the rules of, or the spirit of fair tournament participation among a group of players. This includes but not limited to communication between players during a draft in an attempt to gain advantage or win trading strategies in ladders.

For the avoidance of doubt, a player may concede to another player. This action in itself is not collusion.

HEX Entertainment will investigate accusation of collusion. Sanctions for collusion are at the discretion of Hex Entertainment.

Ladder Policies

The policies outlined above all apply to ladder play.

In addition, the following rules must be observed:

  • Account Boosting, or playing someone’s account for the purpose of artificially raising its rank, is forbidden. It is against the Terms of Service to have someone else play on your account. Action will be taken against both parties involved if we discover this behavior.
  • As outlined in the Terms of Service, players are limited to one account per user. Playing with multiple accounts on the ladder is forbidden.*

*Kickstarter Accounts are exempt from this policy. Users owning multiple Kickstarter Accounts may play with each on the ladder. However, the following rules apply:

  • Kickstarter users may not play on the ladder with multiple accounts at the same time. You may queue sequentially, but if you are paired against yourself this will be considered Win Trading and be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Agreeing to concede to an opponent because you are on your “alternative” or “secondary” account will be considered Account Boosting and a form of collusion.