Tournament Results – April 8-9th

Apr 10, 2017

What an action-packed weekend in the world of Entrath! With both the Platinum Plunder and HEX Clash testing our player’s mettle, we’ve had some of our best minds bringing everything to the table. Who came out on top, you ask? Let’s take a look:

Platinum Plunder

Day 1: Preliminaries

We started on Saturday with a rowdy free-for-all! But, a few captains showed they were a step above the rest when it came to navigating the crowds. Give a warm round of applause to our Day 1 winners!

Top 8 – The Finalists
  1. Alirea
  3. medvedev
  4. Smradd
  5. Fobes
  6. Biz
  7. ScholarOfAthreos
  8. Justiis
  9. Shinshire*

*Though Shinshire didn’t place, they still sailed away with the saltiest sleeve in existence!

Salty Sam Sleeve

Day 2: Finals

After a good night’s rest, our final 8 competitors clashed again on the high-seas for as much of the 500,000 platinum prize-pool as they could carry.

What followed was another day of derring-do, suave swashing, and nautical know-how. Below are results of this fierce competition:

Top 8 Results
  1. Justiis – 200,000 Platinum
  2. HODORHODOR – 100,000 Platinum
  3. Biz – 50,000 Platinum
  4. medvedev – 50,000 Platinum
  5. Fobes – 25,000 Platinum
  6. ScholarOfAthreos – 25,000 Platinum
  7. Smradd – 25,000 Platinum
  8. Alirea – 25,000 Platinum

Congratulations, Justiis, for being the saltiest dog in the Platinum Plunder! Let your name ring out as the terror of the seas while you figure out how you want to spend your hard-earned treasure.

Yo Ho Ho!

From the Depths

We want to thank everyone who went the distance with us in the Platinum Plunder. There were a few extra Dreadlings lurking about, and with your help we were able to squash some of them in time for the HEX Clash on Sunday. We really appreciate everyone who attends these tournaments and help us grow, so we will be granting everyone who attended the Platinum Plunder an honorary Bug Hunter Sleeve!

Bug Hunter Sleeve

Together we will make HEX the best digital TCG out there!

HEX Clash

On the other side of the sea, a few brave combatants were also making a name for themselves. To those who placed highly in the HEX Clash Sealed round, congratulations! Our 17th-32nd place players walked away with the much coveted Herofall AAA card, while 9-16th place finishers also got Sleeves and an invite to the next HEX Clash! Well done!

However, a few of you stood out amongst the rest. Here are our top 8 finishers, who battled it out in the Draft portion for their share of this week’s $1,000 prize:

Top 8 Results

  1. Enyma – $500 + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  2. Nirvana – $250 + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  3. Syns – $125 + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  4. Freud – $125 + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  5. bdubs – 15 Packs + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  6. Identikit – 15 Packs + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  7. Heaton – 15 Packs + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card
  8. Rabbiton – 15 Packs + Wizard Battleboard + Herofall AAA Sleeves + Herofall AAA card

Congratulations once again to all our contestants!

Claim Your Rewards

Winners! Don’t wait, claim your rewards now by sending us your payment details to the tournament email address:

As is written in the Terms and Conditions, you must provide either of the following:

  • 1) Your bank details, comprised of:
  • Your full name
  • Your bank’s name
  • Your account number, including the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes
  • 2) Your PayPal information with:
  • Your full name
  • The email address registered to your PayPal account

Door Prizes

Our Door Prizes will be sent out shortly. Here are our lucky winners:

Wizard Battleboard

  • 171st place – HiddenShadow
  • 116th place – Flyleaf
  • 67th place – schild
  • 51st place – Gamli
  • 86th place – Stormin
  • 29th place – Renquist
  • 22nd place – kketter
  • 166th place – ChrisCrossCrap

Herofall AAA Sleeve

  • 232nd place – Wastelands
  • 84th place – Snake
  • 256th place – TheKnightsOfNi
  • 169th place – gabesman
  • 74th place – Urzasrage
  • 62nd place – Lavigne
  • 219th place – Funghi
  • 275th place – Hevka

Herofall AAA Card

  • 111th place – Moonsniper
  • 239th place – Smusli
  • 158th place – Brynhildr
  • 99th place – Sorin
  • 263rd place – Ginkitsune
  • 285th place – avgasblomman
  • 80th place – Locke
  • 42nd place – xbete

We hope you all enjoyed this tournament-fueled weekend as much as we did. And remember, there’s so much more on the horizon! Be sure to check out the official calendar for all our upcoming events.

Thank you for playing!

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