Format Rules and Watch/Ban List

Effective 3/05/18

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Constructed Deck Rules

The following rules apply to all constructed decks:

  • Must contain a minimum of 60 cards (including resources) in the base deck
  • May include up to 15 cards in the reserves, to be used in best-of-3 games
  • No more than 4 copies of any individual card may be used, across base deck and reserves, except for standard resources
  • Standard resource cards are legal in all formats (Diamond Shard, Blood Shard, etc.)


The Standard format is a fresh and exciting way to play HEX constructed, with new cards and strategies taking center stage often. In this format, you construct a deck containing a minimum of sixty cards using cards and gems from the latest sets. When a new card set is released, the list of Standard legal cards or gems will rotate. (Set legality will update with each even numbered set, while gems will be updated on odd numbered sets.) When a set rotates out of Standard legality, the associated booster packs will no longer be featured in the HEX store for purchase. Standard legal cards have a black cost icon with a white cost number in the upper left corner.

How Rotation Works

Legal Sets:
  • Dead of Winter
  • Frostheart
  • Scars of War
  • Herofall
Banned Cards:

Standard Watch List


The Immortal format is a place where powerful cards and tactics from throughout HEX’s history can continue to compete for glory. The Immortal format allows you to play with any PvP cards, gems, or champions, regardless of set. In this format, players construct decks containing a minimum of sixty cards from across any PvP set. The only cards excluded in this format are cards on the Immortal banned list, or PvE cards. Immortal only cards have a white cost icon with a black cost number in the upper left corner.

Legal Sets:
  • All PvP Sets
Banned Cards:

Immortal Watch List

The cards, gems, and champions in this list are legal in this format, but are being scrutinized and evaluated due to balance or gameplay concerns. Items in this list have a much higher likelihood of being added to the banned list in the future than other existing cards.

Watched Immortal Gems:
Watched Immortal Champions:
Watched Immortal Cards:


Rock is a constructed format where only commons and uncommons are used. No rares or legendaries are allowed. Rock follows Standard rotation rules, and you can use any gems or champions from the Standard format unless noted below. If you are just starting out, this is a great format to try. Check out Fight Night HEX for more details.

Banned Cards:

Rock Watch List

Campaign and Frost Ring Arena

In these PvE formats, all cards are legal unless they appear on the banned list. Only the Standard legal gems are available when constructing a PvE deck. Also, keep in mind that you may still be limited by your character’s shard alignment grid or mercenary deck building rules while in Campaign mode.

Legal Sets:
  • All PvP Cards
  • All PvE Cards
  • All Standard Legal Gems

Siege Mode

Siege mode is comprised of two separate but connected modes: Siege Attack and Siege Defense.In Siege Attack, you will choose a deck to play against another player’s (AI controlled) Siege Defense setup. If you defeat the opponent’s Siege Defense you will claim their entire bounty for your own, however, you must pay a percentage of that bounty as a fee to initiate a Siege Attack.In Siege Defense, you will be creating a gauntlet of decks that the AI will use to protect a bounty that you have pledged. A successful defense will earn you currency and increase your bounty with each victory. Setting a high bounty and accumulating victories is likely to gain you notoriety, but that may also make you a more attractive target for experienced attackers. You may withdraw your defense to reclaim your bounty.

Legal Sets (Defender):
  • All PvP Cards
  • All PvE Cards
  • All Champions
  • All Equipment
  • All Gems
Legal Sets (Attacker):
  • All Standard Legal PvP Cards
  • All Standard Legal Gems
  • All Standard Legal Champions
Banned Cards (Defender):