Weekend Door Prizes September 29-September 30

Oct 2, 2018

Some of you were favored in battle last weekend and walked away with thousands in platinum and exclusive cosmetics. Others were favored by Kismet. Here are the door prizes from our latest events:

HEX Clash


Dream Forest Battleboard

  • Criann
  • Rusty

Runebind Sleeve

  • EndlessDream
  • [PSN]Jadelion115
  • LaInspiracion
  • Shylba

Runebind AAA Card

  • DDarkForest
  • Hydra
  • Vingthor
  • MrBlei


Dream Forest Battleboard

  • theblackcompany

Runebind Sleeve

  • Terminatour
  • MiracleSun
  • Freud
  • Ceiphied

Runebind AAA Card

  • Arkaz
  • Shinshire
  • Gillesman
  • gareen

We hope you all enjoyed this tournament-fueled weekend as much as we did. And remember, there’s so much more on the horizon! Be sure to check out the official calendar for all our upcoming events.

Thanks for playing!

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