Why PS4?

Aug 31, 2017

Hey everyone! This is Matt Scott, Chief Technical Officer for HEX Entertainment, here to talk to you about our next big update.

As you may have already heard, we are bringing HEX to the PS4TM! This update will include a ton of exciting features which I will get into in a moment, but first I wanted to speak briefly about our choice to go with the PS4TM.

Play It Your Way

Ever since our Kickstarter, we knew there was the desire to curl up on the couch with a nice game of HEX. We originally envisioned this as tablet support, but as HEX evolved it became clear that there were still some significant hurdles to making that a reality. From both a coding and a UI perspective, HEX requires some significant magic to faithfully reproduce the PC experience you know and love in a different medium. While we are absolutely still planning to come to tablet, we began to wonder if we couldn’t get you couch conquerors HEX just a little bit sooner.

Working on HEX: Card Clash, our PS4TM client, gave us the opportunity to develop critical pieces of our HEX infrastructure while simultaneously bringing HEX to a whole new card playing community. It let us refine our code base and set up our Cross-Play system, so players can play with members from both clients. It let us refine our UI, deckbuilder, and HEX marketplace, so that managing collections is easier than ever before. And finally, it provided an opportunity to vastly improve our onboarding and tutorial systems. The following changes will appear in the HEX: Card Clash PS4TM client:

Nailed It

One of the most difficult and yet most crucial parts of a TCG happens before you even draw your first hand. Deckbuilding is essential no matter how you play. Constructed, draft, sealed—while the specifics may differ slightly, putting together a good deck goes a long way towards victory. We wanted to bring power back to the deckbuilding process and make it more understandable and enjoyable for both newcomers and veterans alike.

As such, we have completely revamped our deckbuilding interface. Card sizes have increased for better visibility, and flexible quick filter options have been added so you can easily sort by shard, card type, and cost. You can even resize the deckbuilding window to focus on your deck or your collection as you need! But perhaps the most exciting feature we’ve added is the Timeline Tab.

The Timeline Tab walks you through each stage of the deckbuilding process, from adding your first cards to putting on your shiniest sleeve. Never forget to socket your cards again! Basically, by breaking deckbuilding into distinct stages, we demystify the process of making a deck for new players while simultaneously providing helpful signposting for our more experienced brewers.

Come Sale Away

Speaking of making decks—have you even been in the middle of brewing only to find you are missing a key card? As nice as it is to have our existing Auction House, by the time you’ve exited the deckbuilder, loaded up the AH, and found your card, it can sometimes be hard to remember where you were. But, what if you didn’t have to load up the full Auction House to grab those last remaining cards? We felt that buying and selling cards in HEX could be even more convenient, which is why we are thrilled to share the Quick Buy and Quick Post features coming to HEX: Card Clash.

We are adding the ability for players to buy and sell cards directly from their collection manager! Zooming in on a card will now pull up a special window which you can use to purchase or post your cards at the push of a button. If you click “Quick Buy”, the system will attempt to purchase a copy of your selected card for its lowest current buyout price. If you click “Quick Post,” the system will post a copy of that card on the AH, matching the current lowest buyout price for that card. You can even switch between your desired currency (Gold or Platinum). We’re very excited about this feature as it’s fast, quick, convenient, and lets you spend more time where the real action is—on the battlefields of Entrath.

En Garde

Finally, we know diving straight into HEX can be daunting for new players. Our game can be quite complex, especially since we constantly innovate, improve, and add things. For a newcomer to the genre of TCGs, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

With this latest patch, we are adding a more detailed tutorial which will walk through and unlock not just key pieces of HEX gameplay, but also our client’s features and game modes as well. This should provide a better foundation for everyone to take advantage of all HEX has to offer.

As part of this new onboarding system, we added a new dueling pit feature. This is a mode that will let you choose from a selection for preconstructed decks to challenge either the AI or other players. By narrowing down the field, we provide a safer space for new players to learn the ropes. Furthermore, after they’ve gotten comfortable with these decks in the dueling pit, new players will be able to choose one of them to keep, modify, and use as an entry to our constructed ladder.

Something Old and Something New

While these changes will appear in our PS4TM client first, we fully intend to eventually bring these improvements to the PC as well. For now, we have this opportunity to try out these new streamlined features on console first without having to take away anything from players who are used to the existing versions on our PC client. But no matter where you play, this change means a growing HEX family—more people to trade with, more people to play with, and more friends to be made. As we grow, I encourage everyone to give all newcomers a warm HEX welcome! Show them why we are one of the best gaming communities out there.

See you on the battlefield,


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