WoolvirDo yerself a favor, laddie, and leap from the edge of this cliff. It’ll hurt less than me horns rammed through yer guts!

The woolvir are a proud and prickly folk. They are antagonistic towards strangers, and are not much friendlier amongst their own.

They tend to dwell in the upper highlands of mountain ranges, and mostly keep to themselves. Though much of their culture is based around hand to hand combat, it is not a formal or religious obligation as it is with the orcs. Mostly, fighting is a way to pass the time in the rocky desolation of their homelands.

Prominence in woolvir society is based on their martial abilities. Baa’serkers are the fiercest warriors amongst their kind, using fits of rage to fuel their chaotic fighting style. Baa’xers are expert grapplers, keeping their opponents locked down until exhaustion sets in, then pummeling them mercilessly with their fists.

Woolvir females are as fierce as the males, preferring to choke and subdue their adversaries with a brutal form of combat they call jujits’ewe.