Our Kickstarter Video

Jan 16, 2015

Watch the Beginnings of HEX: Shards of Fate From Cory Jones, founder of...Read More


Latest Brew – Rally at Dawn

Apr 28, 2016

Wurtil here again!

We have a lot of slang terms in TCGs for how to win games …Read More


Primal Dawn Release Celebration

Apr 26, 2016

It’s time for the Primal Dawn Release Celebration! From Friday …Read More


Feast of Abundance 2016

Apr 26, 2016

Change blows with the wind as many lands in Entrath turn a lush green …Read More


Evolving Gauntlet

Apr 26, 2016

Over the past three years, HEX has been evolving …Read More


Primal Dawn is now live!

Apr 26, 2016

The fourth card set for HEX: Shards of Fate …Read More


Scheduled Maintenance 4/25/16

Apr 25, 2016

Primal Dawn is coming this Tuesday! …Read More


Style Points – Yesterday

Apr 25, 2016

Hello everyone! Dino here.

Welcome to the latest installment of “Style Points,” an article for the creative deck builder …Read More


HEX Update – Primal Dawn Eve

Apr 22, 2016

Hi HEXers. It’s the final weekend before Primal Dawn! …Read More


PRIMORDIAL Knowledge – The Elephant in the Room

Apr 22, 2016

You will play more matches post-Reserves than pre. Are you approaching your Reserves in a way that will make a difference? …Read More

Server Maintenance, Friday April 22

Apr 21, 2016

Greetings HEXers!
The HEX servers will be going offline for a critical hotfix on Friday, April 22 …Read More


Deck Drilldown – Ruby Wild Aggro

Apr 20, 2016

by Jeff Hoogland

Welcome back HEXer’s to my next installment of Deck Drilldown. Today, …Read More


Server Maintenance Tuesday, April 19

Apr 18, 2016

We will be taking the servers down on Tuesday, April 19 at 2.00 AM PDT (11:00 CEST) …Read More


Legend of the Greenpaw Emancipator

Apr 18, 2016

For centuries, the shroomkin lived happily in their fungus-infested subterranean caverns. They built an unsophisticated, peaceful society …Read More


HEX Update – Primal Dawn Release Date

Apr 15, 2016

Primal Dawn is coming April 26th, 2016! …Read More


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